Drift Experience

Arrive and drive! In 30 minutes you learn and practice initiating and maintaining a slide on a wet track. Plus experience a high-speed drift passenger lap with a pro driver. Bring a friend or family to watch!

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Drift Skills

Professional training included in 1 hour behind the wheel learning multiple techniques to initiate a drift on wet track. Learn to change direction while staying sideways. Plus finish with a passenger lap with a pro driver.

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Drift Skills Pro

Drift Advanced

Get 3 hours behind the wheel with drift training from a pro. You will learn to initiate a drift on wet and dry track with e-brake, clutch kick and power slide. Learn how to stay in control through donuts and figure eights, and manage throttle control through transitions. Finish with multiple passenger laps at full speed with a pro driver.

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Drift Advanced product

Drift Pro

This course has it all, including the highest amount of seat time for your money. You get a full day of pro training with massive amounts of time on the wet and dry track. You will master drift initiations, transitions, donuts, figure eights, clutch kicks, feints, stunts, and more. With 6 hours behind the wheel and pro coaching, you will learn all the skills to initiate, maintain and control a professional drift car going sideways through a course. Focused instruction allows the course to advance based on your skill development. Finish with plenty of practice time and multiple laps at full speed with a pro driver. Free lunch and Texas Drift Academy merchandise is included. Bring your GoPro because you can record yourself in this course. Also, drone footage of your day is available for $150.

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