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Two people. One car. Pro coach. LOTS of seat time And…save some money!

We’ve re-imagined the solo Drift Pro course for a two student discount (30% off each). Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues…this is the course for you and a friend to share a day full of skill development, fun and some friendly competition!

We start teaching each of you the skills and techniques to initiate, maintain and control a drift car. For this part each student will focus on perfecting car control learn with the pro coach from the car (masked) and sidelines. You will get plenty of practice time to master these techniques, solidifying muscle memory.

Towards the end of the day, you can get in the car together with your friend and swap turns executing 180 slides, the perfect donut, and/or a ‘hard park’ (parallel slide into a parking spot). You can photo and film each other and compare your skills.

Then cap the day with hot laps from a pro driver at high speed, for each of you.

Perks of this course: Lunch is included. You can bring their own in/on car Go Pro to film. You receive exclusive Texas Drift Academy merchandise. And you can swap one of the hours to drive a police car (hard)!

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Don’t see a date that works? Drift Day Duo private track days — and group bookings — are available, most likely on a weekday. Email drive@texasdriftacademy to ask about a day that works for you.

We Offer Drone Video! Get 4k cinematic drone footage of your best maneuvers during your course day. You will receive all the video taken the day after your event, available to download from Google Drive.