A driving experience like flying on the ground!

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Our Top Three Courses

Drift Skills

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  • Experience the thrill of drifting and achieving new skills with 1 hour of in-car professional training. Arrive and quickly get behind the wheel learning to initiate a drift with a clutch kick, then changing direction while staying sideways. Finish with a full-speed passenger lap with a pro driver.

Drift Advanced

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  • Get 3 hours driving experience and with training from a pro. You will learn to initiate a drift with clutch kick, e-brake and power slide, stay in control through donuts and figure eights, & manage throttle control through transitions. And you finish with a hot lap with a pro driver at full speed. (All skill levels)

Drift Pro

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  • Drift Pro Course is a full day of driving (6 hours + lunch) for all experience levels. Get the most seat time of any course on wet and dry track (smoke!). Learn all the skills initiate, transition, maintain and control a pro drift car. Plus…learn a stunt, get a graduation shirt, and end with extended hot laps!
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