The Cars

Our cars are built and maintained to the very highest of standards. Not only because they are run by the same mechanics and engineers as our professional Formula Drift program, but because we want to have zero downtime due to mechanical problems when you visit us. Our cars are built far beyond what is needed for a beginner or intermediate driver. Thanks to the good relationship we have with the companies that support our race team, they extend their support to our Drift Academy. Below you will find links and costs to all the parts on the cars. As you will see there is literally no way you could build a car to the same standard and run it for less than what it costs to drift with us. Our sponsors support us and we pass that on to our customers!

Please don’t let these prices discourage you from getting into this amazing sport. A rough starter car can be had for less than $10,000 ready to go. Our cars are far beyond what you need as a beginner, but as they are driven by some of the best drivers on the planet outside of our general public Drift Academy days, the level of specification required is high! The benefit of this is you get to drive a car that is setup by a professional race team to top level safety and performance standards. With no question mark over the cars’ performance it will fast track you to becoming the best driver you can be!


2008 Nissan 350z (quality base cars are around $10,000 each)

Engine – VQ35HR
Intake – $450.99
K&N 69-7071TS Air Intake

69 Series Typhoon Kits / Performance Air Intake System

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engine1 1

Battery / Ignition / Electrical

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In addition to the above is approximately 8 weeks labor to fabricate and install everything per car. 40 hours per week x8 weeks = 320 hours. If you consider you won’t find a good race shop that bills out at under $140/ hour, even at $100 an hour it still puts the labor bill at $32,000.

Base car = $10,000
Parts = $15,972.04
Labor = $32,000

We maintain the cars, provide fuel, tires, track rental, safety equipment, everything. You cannot beat this value!

As previously mentioned, most of the companies above support us in some way. Rest assured the list of products we recommend here is about 1/10th of the ones we tested that didn’t survive. If you see it here we think it’s great and it’s lived through hundreds of hours of drifting in temperatures between -70 in the ice and snow of the frozen lakes in Minnesota and +130 degrees just about every day in Texas.

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