The Cars

Our cars are NOT stock cars. They are built to drift with high performance and drift-ready modifications outlined below. Also, our cars are built far beyond what is needed for a beginner or intermediate driver. As you will read, it is unlikely you could build and maintain a car to similar standard and run it for less than what it costs to drift with us.

2008 Nissan 350z (quality base cars are around $10,000 each)

Engine – VQ35HR
Intake – $450.99
K&N 69-7071TS Air Intake

69 Series Typhoon Kits / Performance Air Intake System

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Wondering if it’s wise to get your own drift car?  Keep in mind that in addition to the parts above it takes approximately 8 weeks labor to fabricate and install everything per car. 40 hours per week x 8 weeks = 320 hours. If you consider you won’t find a good race shop that bills out at under $140/ hour, even at $100 an hour it still puts the labor bill at $32,000.

Base car = $10,000
Parts = $15,972.04
Labor = $32,000

This doesn’t include maintenance in parts and labor.

At Texas Drift Academy we maintain the cars, provide fuel, tires, track rental, safety equipment, everything. When you compare to doing this on your own, having Texas Drift Academy take care of all this (and your coaching) is worth it!

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