Texas Drift Academy is a “Full-Throttle” Group Experience!

For questions or a custom quote email drive@texasdriftacademy.com.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary…

You will be sliding a 3,000 lb car in control, learning skills from pro drivers, being cheered on, and competing with your mates! Texas Drift Academy is an experience every executive, employee or client will remember for a lifetime.

For corporate events — such as an executive team-builder, employee reward, or client experience — we create a high quality, memorable and fun experience within a safe, well-managed, and inspirational environment.  Whether you are looking for a stand-out team builder, networking opportunity or just a good old fashioned fun day out, we’ll get you there. Pushing a car and one’s skills to the limit is a dream come true for many.

On your day, your group will perform and compete in drift and stunt techniques, similar to those seen in the movies. This will be a heart-pounding, exciting learning experience that you will never forget. 

For driving instruction event we recommend a 3 hour timeframe and we can accommodate groups up to 10 people.

You will…

  • You will develop new skills that last a lifetime, learning to control a vehicle that you think is “out of control.”
  • You will build better relationships and foster collaboration in the workplace.
  • You will become a safer driver to learn the limits of your car.
  • You will get addicted.

How a 3 hour offsite may look…

  1. We can customize the experience for the group but in general we aim to get as much seat time for each person as possible. After a short briefing, participants will get in the seat within 10 minutes of showing up.
  2. Pro coaches teach each person in car the basic drift initiation techniques on a wet skid pad in a custom 350z.
  3. Once team members have learned this they can ride together in cars and we can create individual and team competitions for technique proficiency.
  4. Take a break for lunch, refreshments, laughs and taunting.
  5. Coaches demonstrate a parallel slide park, which is essentially hand-braking sideways into a parallel park setup.
  6. Individuals and teams get in cars and practice. Then compete for the win…which includes t-shirts, a picture and bragging rights.
  7. End the day with hot laps from a pro driver for each team member, and donuts around the team for pictures and videos (optional).


  • We can bring food and refreshments, and make recommendations for local hotels and restaurants.
  • We offer additional services such as branding opportunities on the track (for promotional events)
  • We can provide drone and on track video, photos and editing.
  • We are 100% mobile, so should you prefer us to come to you we will gladly make the trip, and set up a wet track on your company parking area (need 2 acres).

Our main track is former Alamo City Motorplex track, only an hour from Austin and 20 minutes from San Antonio. We can also run events at Motor Speedway Resort (MSR) in Houston. We can arrange a half-day or full-day offsite with coaches and hands on driving for up to 10 people at a time. Each member of the group will get plenty of coaching, lots of time behind the wheel, and pain in the cheeks from smiling so much! For a hot lap experience event we can accommodate groups up to 100 people.

To book a date or get answers, email us at info@texasdriftacademy.com, or text or call 512-831-6547.